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Miami Headlights Clean and Polish Service

Need to bring your headlights back to life? Can’t really see the road at night because your headlights are so yellow and dirty? Not a problem, just bring it in we will have it done in no time. We can make your old dingy headlights look like new again.

Cloudy headlights are not only unsightly, but they can also be a safety hazard! Let Jorge’s Body Shop help with headlight restoration services trusted throughout Miami.

Headlights are a necessary part of every vehicle that is on the road today. As a result, they have become important in the look and design of every automobile. Most headlights on cars today are made of high quality plastics that give auto designers greater flexibility as they design the cars that you drive. Unfortunately, one of the downsides of designing with plastic is that it succumbs more quickly to the elements.

After a few years of regular sun exposure, the plastic in headlights and taillights can begin to yellow and look dingy. At Jorge’s Body Shop in Miami, we can get headlights back to factory conditions in no time!

What Causes Foggy Headlights?

Cars in Miami face constant abuse from the environment. Among the factors that can cause damage to cars, sunlight is one of the worst. Just like how harsh sunlight can burn skin, the powerful UV light that your car is exposed to daily can degrade the paint and plastic details on your car.

Headlights are one of the first places to show damage from sunlight. The powerful reflectors in headlight assemblies allow UV lights to pass through twice, doing double the damage to the clear plastic lenses that seal the headlights.

Headlight cleaning is a special process that resurfaces the lenses of headlights and removes the damaged layer of plastic that has caused the lens to look dingy. The result is a headlight assembly that looks new and performs perfectly.

Why is Headlight Restoration Important?

Headlights have been an important safety feature on cars since the beginning. As soon as cars became widely manufactured, lights were put on the front to light the road in front of the car. Before electric lamps were available, oil lanterns with reflectors were used.

Modern headlights are made from the latest plastics and technology available and they allow motor vehicles to operate in virtually any condition. As headlights age, they lose their ability to light the road because of damage to the clear plastic lenses. Headlight restoration removes the haze that limits light from reaching the road and makes care safe to drive again.

Headlight cleaning is also important to keep a car looking great. Headlights are one of the first areas of a vehicle to start showing age. As their plastic degrades, it turns hazy and yellow. This can happen in just a few years after the vehicle is purchased but it can make the vehicle look much older. Headlight restoration can take years off of your car and make it look great once again.

Working With Jorge’s Body Shop

The technicians at Jorge’s Body Shop in Miami have taken pride in helping cars look great for over 20 years. Along with all of that experience in the shop, our small family-owned and operated business has learned how to take care of our customers by giving every job our personal touch.

From dealing with insurance companies to making sure that you get your money’s worth on all of your auto body jobs, you can count on the staff at Jorge’s Body Shop to take care of you. Call (786) 705-4887 to schedule headlight restoration in Miami today!

Call now at (786) 705-4887 for a free estimate or come by our shop located centrally in Miami at 10775 SW 190th St Bay 28 Miami, Fl 33157.