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 Preventing Scratches in Your Car’s Paint

Preventing Scratches in Your Car’s Paint

Collision repair specialists in Miami give car owners advice to help them protect the paint. 

How to Avoid Unsightly Paint Damage

When people decide to invest in a car, it is always a big decision. Cars represent a big financial commitment but they also allow people the opportunity to be mobile and express their sense of style. Caring for such an important thing as a car should be a top priority for every vehicle owner. Much of the value of a car is tied up in its appearance. A car that is covered in dings and scratches is not only unsightly, but it also lowers its value as well. 

In this quick guide, local body shop technicians give car owners advice about protecting one of their most precious investments. 

Driving and Parking Tips

Caring for a car all starts with good driving habits. When driving around the city, be sure to avoid potholes and gravel roads, and parking lots. Potholes are bad for a car’s suspension and wheels and they also can allow your car to bottom out, damaging bumpers and side panels. Additionally, gravel roads and parking lots are notorious for kicking up stones that can scratch the parts of the car that are nearest the road. 

Parking away from other cars will go a long way in preventing scratches and dings. One of the biggest contributors to scratches and dings are other people parking too close. Parking a car away from buildings and walking further can save a car from falling victim to other people. 

In Miami, sand and salt are two of the biggest enemies of car care. Salt carried in by the winds can slowly corrode paint and the metal underbelly of a car. Routine car washings and detailings can slow down this process. To avoid sand being blown around near a car, be mindful of parking out of the wind. 

Proper Car Washing Techniques

To keep a car clean, a car wash is recommended two to three times a month. Dirt and grime are very sharp on a microscopic level so removing them regularly is key. Automatic car washes should be avoided because they lack the human touch and attention that a detailing shop can provide. When choosing an auto detailer, make sure to choose one that rinses the car down before rubbing the car with soap. This removes the first layer of dirt that can damage the paint when technicians begin rubbing the car down. 

Only a soft cloth should be used to wash and dry the car. They should be rinsed often to prevent dirt from building up in the weave of the cloth and damaging the paint. The car should be kept wet throughout the washing process to allow soap to loosen up the dirt. High pressure can be used to rinse down the car, always from top to bottom. 

How to Treat Your Car

How people treat their cars is an indicator of how long it will look great. The first rule of keeping the body in good shape is to avoid setting anything down on the car. Additionally, the inside of the car should be kept clean from dirt, sand, and fast food containers. 

Apart from routine washings and waxings, car owners should pay attention to what is under the hood. Routine oil changes and tire checks will keep the car in good working order so that it will stay on the road longer, all while looking great. 

By following these simple steps, auto owners can keep their car in showroom shape for years. 

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